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I have almost forgotten to talk about the tour to the 3 national parks in Nartern territory.
It was 4 day tour in a rush!!
I saw crocodiles, birds, rock arts, waterfalls, and swam in some of the pools.
We slept outside in swags under the stars.

My favorite spot in the tour was the top of "jimjim falls"!!
It was just beyond the word.....haa---.
It took us 2 hours to get to the top, which was quite hard but the view was worth it!
It was thrill to swim in the pool which has a note saying "beware of crocodiles" eventhough I knew that it was safe in the season.
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-26 13:15 | TRAVELS


I have been working at the hostel for free accommodation on Saterdays and Sundays.
sweeping and mopping in the rooms and changing the sheets and pillow cases of checked out beds.

17 th of JULY, 2005
This hostel has many colorful sheets and pillow cases. the color range is from black or white simple design to pinky pretty one.
On this day,
when I was working I found a pillow case with flower print on it and another one with fringe around it...

"so cute, really cute (a bit too much, on the edge...), but still alright, within the acceptable range." I thought to myself.

But as I tried to put the cover with fringe on the pillow, I realized that it had particular strange shape.
It didn't fit on a rectangular pillow at all......
So I checked its shape really carefully.......
and found it had a SHAPE OF HEART!!
I couldn't keep myself concentrating on my work confronting this unacceptable fact.

I know it is far beyond my business what desigh to choose for pillow cases, but I dare say

a pillow case with fringe in the shape of a heart

is too romantic and fairy design at least for backpackers in Outback Northern Territory.
zettai yarisugi dayone??
hokano hostel de mo arierunoka?
nihon no hostel ha dounanodaroune, tabizuki no yuxiang nanika shiranaikai?
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-24 16:20 | ただの日記


I had worked for a car detailer as a carwasher from 8:00 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon on Monday to Friday from 28th of June to 14th of July.
I had washed over 30 cars everytime under the sun which raised the temperature to over 30 degrees almost everyday.
frankly, I am happy to finish the work.

the heat over 30 degrees almost everyday.
you can experience the real "Greenhouse Effect" inside the car.

It was only about $340 per week after tax.
that's almost noooooooooooothing.

I know that his favorite word is "fuc****"
He can't finish his every sentence without the word "fuc****" in it.
You can hear him say sometimes scream the word over 100(?) times in a day.

EX,>> Q. kakko wo tekisetuna goku de umenasai

" It's ( ) hot today!! I'm ( ) sick of this ( ) heat!!
Have you got the ( ) phone call from ( ) blah, blah, blah,
( ) great.
( ) shit, It's already ( ) 12:00. Let's have ( ) lunch."

I'm just telling you the pure fact, mate.
I have learnt" Too much is Too much "
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-24 15:29 | ただの日記


There was an event in which some companies make their own boats with a large number of cans and compete in the race!

Winner can receive a prize to the value of $1,000!!
My friend took part in the race as a member of the biggest club in Darwin which he worked at.
I missed the race, but he just said,"We came last."
Don't worry, Be happy.
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-24 15:06 | ただの日記

Indigenous music festival

It was the festival about aboriginal culture and their traditional music and dance, which was great!!

But not a few aboriginal people at the festival were shouting and quarreling in their own language.
Since I came to Darwin, I think I have seen many aboriginal people having quarrels on the street.
I don't know if it has something to do with their nature or I was just in the spot at the time by chance.

Anyway, what I enjoyed most was watching my friend who was really mad about dance music, dancing and completely traveling in his own world among aboriiginal people.
I think you can imagine easily how brilliantly he danced in the spotlight, if you know him!
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-24 14:56 | ただの日記


Have you ever seen Indian dance performance??
It is amazingly hypnotic!!
I was thoroughly in a hypnotic state during the performance.

There were many dance performers from around Australia.
A theme of one of them was "the fusion of HIPHOP and INDIAN style"It seemed really cool.
But I think I expected too much.
One of the guy in the group was alright, doing ROBOT MOVEMENTS hitting all the points in the music he remixed.
But honestly, I far prefer
"KOROKKE (croquette)
--a Japanese comedian

who is really good at taking robot movements in his jokes.
Good or bad,
The guy just reminded me of a Japanese comedian.
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-24 14:31 | ただの日記

things had happened in darwin so far in brief


On this day, people in Darwin are just crazy and lose theirselves in shooting off fireworks litarally everywhere in Darwin alllllllllllllllllllll night!!
Not to speak of beach, they were setting off fireworks on the street, in the bush, and even under the electric wire!!
absolutely crazy!
In Darwin, people are allowd to set off fireworks only once a year on this day, so it is natural for them to be so crazy and celebrate the special day to the maximum.
but to me, it just seemed like a riot raised by all the citizen in Darwin. I hope that no one have got injured during the day......
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-24 14:20 | ただの日記



I have decided to visit Bali for 3 weeks from 29th of july until 19th of August!!
It costs me $650 for a return ticket and 7 nights accommodation.
Because it is now during the peak season of Bali, prices are generally higher than those in wet season.

But I am sure that it will be great to experience culture shock in unique Balinese traditions.

I hope that I can find Bali in its traditional true colors rather than in resort style under big influences of tourism.

Although tourism has more or less changed the economy and lifestyle of Bali, which is not always the merits in terms of keeping up the tradition and indigenous lifestyle which suits people in the land.

But ironically, I have to thank influences of tourism for giving me more and more opportunity to visit places which are difficult to visit by myself and for assurance of a certain level of safety during the trip.

Have you ever heard of "Kechak"??
It is one of the traditional dance performances in Bali which is performed by a huuuuuuuuuge group of men!!
They dance singing (it sounds more like shouting, honestly......)"kechak kechak kechak kechak kechak kechak kechak kechak kechak......................."
endlessly. shitsukoino tonikaku.

I remember that I was so impressed and felt kind of fear by powerful but also threatening layer of voice when I listened to the CD of this performance in high school.

You can check out what it is like on internet and you will be surprised at its unique style!!

Next time, I would like to talk more about what I am interested in about Bali.
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-21 14:19 | TRAVELS

Big helloooooooooo from Australia!!!

How is it going, mate!!

Iam a Japanese girl who has been traveling in Australia since the 20th of March,2005.

This blog is especially for the WONDERFUL people back home in Japan for giving me moral support. Also for the REALLY COOL people I have met in Australia from around the world.

I started my travels from Melbourne and have been to Alice Springs, Uluru, Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, and now I am in Darwin which is in Northern Territory and is the hottest place in Australia.

I have many stories to tell you about my travels in Australia, and I will also let you know what I am doing in Darwin at the moment.

While I have been in Australia, my English has improved slightly, but if I have made any mistakes, I am quite sure that you will make great progress in guessing what I am trying to say as you read my blog. hehe...


I hope that you will visit my blog sometimes to see what I am doing in Australia!!
by coo_brandy | 2005-07-17 14:56


this blog is about my travels in Australia.
by coo_brandy
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